2 person slingshot


This is an experience for 2 people to enjoy The Human Slingshot


The Human Slingshot is really like no other experience and indeed this is the first and currently only slingshot experience in Asia. The easiest way to describe the human slingshot is to think of Angry Birds.

You will wear a full body harness, with neck restraint to keep you safe and securely attached to two specially designed silicon bungy cords which are fixed to the top of the towers. Then, once safe an secure you will be prepared for launch.

The Human Slingshot, is without doubt one of the most incredible experiences you could have.

You are pulled back horizontally 40 meters to the starting location, then with a force of up to 4G, you will accelerate to 150kph in under a second. Enjoy as you fly back and forth only a few meters above the ground.

As with all of our activities, we provide full transport to and from your hotel, full insurance and the promise of a huge smile.

We have English, Canadian and Thai staff who will explain to you the safe procedure for jumping and will be able to answer any questions that you might have.

3 – 2 – 1 Lets Fly