Mix and Match your weapons

Want to try a Beretta? have a go with a Glock? or how about make like Rambo with a full automatic sub machine gun? or opt for a more gentle but powerful sniper rifle? 

You will receive 400 pellets and you are welcome to take as much time as you like shooting targets on our 25m range.

Airsoft guns are perfect replicas of the real thing in almost every way, as such all our weapons are treated as though they are real weapons.  We are extremely strict on safety  If anyone is seen handling a weapon in an unsafe manner (whether intentional or not) they will be immediately suspended from play.

Get your eye in

  • When you book online, you can pay by credit card OR choose cash on arrival
  • All guests must be 10 or over to use the range (under 16's will be fully supervised)
  • 400 Pellets are included in the package 
  • You can mix and match guns during your range
  • One ticket is valid for one person - ie multiple people can not share the pellets
  • Alcohol – If you appear intoxicated you cannot play
  • Under 16's need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Get lots more information on our main Airsoft and Paintball Site